The six secrets of Easy Squeezy

Can you find and decode the clues? Some may be easy, others not so. Here are six hints to get you started:

  1. The secret of the names. All are not what they seem. How many can you find that have double meanings?

  2. The secret of the locations. They are all interconnected beyond the plot of the book.

  3. The secret of the triangle. We can’t say more without revealing too much.

  4. The secret of the Cockney accents. They speak English in a way you may never have heard. Can you unravel what they are saying?

  5. The secret of Tucker Island. It’s real, but in a much different way.

  6. The ultimate secret. Can you name the true villain, one who is never named? You may guess, and we’ll tell you if you’re correct,
    but the full answer won’t be revealed until July 4, 2014.


Read the book and if you think you found all six, email paul <at> for the correct answers. If you are stuck and still want to try, just ask for more hints. We’ll be happy to lead you on a little bit longer…

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